Startups, Corporates and Innovation

Looking at my upcoming schedule these are three topics I will be focusing on: startups, corporates and innovation. As a founder and entrepreneur, I find it imperative to keep myself up-to-date on a multitude of business arenas, albeit this often happens to coincide with the ones I find most interesting.

I will be attending three very different conferences for three very different reasons. First, HEUREKA Startup & Tech Conference to align myself with the German startup scene; second, the Noah Conference will allow me to keep myself up-to-date on the corporate perspective; and lastly, I will attend Unchain Convention to network with the crypto community.

HEUREKA Startup & Tech Conference

The one-day event, #HRK19, hosts 800 attendees and over 70 speakers here in Berlin. I find it to be of particular interest not simply to educate myself, but to also to engage in visionary sparring sessions with members of the startup scene. Having focused on tech and future technologies, I often find myself communicating in English (this blog for example). That being said, one of the USPs for Paranoid Internet, my digital marketing agency, is our ability to connect global startups to the German market. For this reason, maintaining a high level of knowledge in the German scene is of the utmost importance.

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The conference has a focus on sustainable success, and amidst ‘future enthusiasts’ and entrepreneurs like myself, this topic is very important and can, unfortunately, be overlooked by us visionary types.

HEUREKA also includes a ‘hardware area,’ namely, a location to explore new and trending tech. In my personal work experience, I am very into automation, using the latest platforms and devices to achieve the best results for my projects and clients.   

Noah Conference

Later on this week, I will also attend Noah Conference along with 5,000 upper-level executives, 1,500 startups, and 700 investors. While HEUREKA has a keen target to align the startup worlds, Noah Conference lends itself to corporations and bigger businesses. At Noah Conference, future-shaping executives and investors are brought together with a common interest in digital revolutions across their sectors. During this event, I am interested in discussing partnerships, investments and broadening my network.

Unchain Convention 2019

A Bitcoin and Blockchain convention with a limit of 500 attendees and 30 speakers. The aim of Unchain Convention is to invite industrial players from across the world to imagine the full potential of a decentralized economy.

From my experience with C3 Crypto Conference, a crypto and blockchain technology conference I founded in Berlin back in 2017, I think the attendee limit of 500 is very appropriate. The first C3 Crypto Conference hosted thousands of attendees but the 2nd year, we choose to create a more intimate space; I was very happy with the results. If you missed C3 Crypto Conference, please follow the link here to participate in over 15 hours of panels, discussions, and learnings from the conference.

After having been in the crypto space for some time now, the basic investing principles or the new hot tokens are no longer my focus. What inspires me is business models across industries, mass adoption, and applying blockchain to socio-economic frameworks. If these are topics that interest you, please reach out to me at the conference. I am very active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Looking Forward

I pride myself on putting education first. There is nothing that compares to valuable knowledge and advice from experts. This is why I choose to spend a great deal of my time traveling and learning. Looking forward, I am thinking about e mobility, e health, and e commerce projects, as well as how to set them up for success in the current market while utilizing the best possible technology, partnerships, and people.

If these are topics of interest to you, please check out the Paranoid Internet job board. I am always interested in reading through Initiative Applications from inspired candidates looking to make their mark and make a difference.

Erhalte monatlich kostenlose Web3, NFT und Projekt-Insights.

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