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Medical Cannabis or Cosmetic? Taking risks or ROI Rewards

If you have met me in person either through business or my travels, you will know that nothing gets me more excited than a startup pitch with unicorn potential or predicting the next market trend. This zeal for the unknown and the “next big thing” is embedded into the core values of my marketing agency, Paranoid Internet. We are a team of #NicheRockers from topics like Crypto & Blockchain, VR, Health & Fitness and most recently, CBD.

CBD: Who are the trustworthy players?

The last time I saw this level of energy surrounding CBD in the German market was during the crypto wave back in 2015-2017. For those of you who do not yet know, CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol. This is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. However, when isolated, simple CBD does not have a psychoactive effect like its cousin tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This means CBD can provide a wide range of health benefits without leaving you stoned.

Once again, as I saw in crypto, this type of excitement brings together all kinds of people. There are many folks out there who want to participate. They buy domains, come up with quick business plans and so on. The weakness in their research is met with insurmountable enthusiasm.

Erhalte monatlich kostenlose Web3, NFT und Projekt-Insights.

In this sort of space, it is imperative to look for projects that know the rules and insist on following them. These and these alone will be sustainable. Cannamedical is, for me, one of the most trustworthy distributors currently available to the German market. Let’s see where their current “competitors,” Famarko and Sanitygroup end up in the next 6-12 months.

Cosmetics: Dependable ROIs

Continuing with market momentum, I was very impressed with some learnings shared with me at OMR earlier this month. Paranoid Internet hosted a booth at the conference and, aside from networking, our team of 5 was given the opportunity to visit master classes and talks to improve the skills and offerings we provide for our clients. A key takeaway is that product-driven markets are having great success right now when marketed correctly. Specifically, I found the marketing ROI in the cosmetic industry fascinating.

C3 Conference Online

Lastly, after the wrap of the most recent edition of C3 Crypto Conference, the team uploaded over 15 hours of video into an online conference course. I would highly recommend checking it out here for some of the most in-depth insights on the crypto and blockchain scene from industry experts.

Erhalte monatlich kostenlose Web3, NFT und Projekt-Insights.

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